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Whole Larder Love - Rohan Anderson New softcover book

Rohan Anderson is a modern-day food warrior. He was raised on a small farm in rural Victoria, where he developed not only an affinity for nature, but also an understanding and appreciation of the role nature plays in providing sustenance.

Rohan has taken these lessons into his adult life where he now grows, hunts, fishes and forages in wild and urban surrounds to feed his family. He also documents his adventures  through photography, sharing his recipes, slow food philosophies and sometimes contentious views on his hugely popular blog, Whole Larder Love. Describing himself not as a chef, but rather a family cook, Rohan is influenced by rustic, peasant-style cooking, with minimal fuss involved. It's unlikely that you'll find him at the supermarket; instead he is usually wandering around his garden, strolling through forests, foraging for wild mushrooms, hunting in paddocks, and fishing in cool mountain streams.

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Whole Larder Love: Grow, Gather, Hunt, Cook by Rohan Anderson

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