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Waterwise Plants - Kevin Walsh New softcover gardening book

Kevin Walsh is widely recognized as one of Australia's leading authorities on Waterwise Gardening. He has over twenty years experience in the field and has been an advocate of waterwise gardening practices for over 15 years.

Kevin is the author of Australia's first and best-selling book, Waterwise Gardening, originally released in 1993 and now in its 4th edition. He has presented numerous public speaking engagements and workshops on the topic throughout Victoria since the book's release. He is also the author of Waterwise Plants, published 2010.

Kevin has been presenter of the Green Gardeners programme since 2005, instructing garden industry professionals on how to achieve more environmentally-aware and sustainable outcomes in their business. This provides them with information on utilizing sustainable gardening principles, with an emphasis on water resources, which they can then promote to their customers and clients.

Currently a key adviser and consultant to Coliban Water and Central Highlands Water in Victoria on reducing water usage in the garden, Kevin has also been employed by Sydney Water to advise on garden issues and to promote water-saving ideas on their website.

Kevin is in high demand for public speaking and consulting on Waterwise Gardening. He has wide experience:

  • Advising water authorities, conservation, and gardening organizations
  • Educating garden industry workers and home gardeners
  • Promoting gardening, using waterwise techniques



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