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The Water-Wise Garden - Jeffrey Hodges new softcover book

Jeffrey Hodges has more than 40 years' practical gardening experience. He studied agricultural science at Queensland University and environmental science at Griffith University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree (Australian Environmental Studies) in 1989, and a Master of Science (Hons) degree (Social Ecology) in 1998. In 1979 he worked and studied at the Findhorn community in northern Scotland and, after returning to Australia, refined and adapted their methods to suit Australian conditions.

Jeffrey has been a key speaker at gardening and horticulture conferences, and has been invited to speak on organic gardening by many garden clubs and organisations throughout Australia. He has appeared on the television program Living and on ABC Radio National's Practicalities and The Search for Meaning, and has been a guest speaker on many commercial radio stations. He has written numerous articles on organic gardening and been a contributor to the magazines Grass Roots, Green Fingers, Gardens & Backyards, Queensland Gardener, Nature and Health and Australian Wellbeing, as well as many newspapers. He is the author of The Organic Garden (2006) and The Waterwise Garden (2008)

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