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Surviving in the Eighties - Michael Boddy and Richard Beckett - used softcover book Self-Sufficiency

Richard Beckett (1936 - 1987) was an Australian author and journalist. He was a founding staffer (Assistant Editor) of Nation Review, an irreverent and ground-breaking Sunday newspaper, nick-named 'The Ferret', launched in 1970 by Gordon Barton. Beckett was its irascible and entertaining food columnist for eight years, using the pseudonym Sam Orr. He wrote several books on food and wine, alternative life-style, and Australian history. Richard Beckett died at his home at Molong, New South Wales, in 1987.

Michael Boddy (1934 - 2014) worked in theatre, television, radio and film as a writer, actor and director. He was a food columnist on Sydney's Sunday Telegraph newspaper for four years as well as contributing to the Bulletin and Earth Garden and writing extensively for theatre and television. A bio-dynamic farmer for many years, he also wrote about farming, horticulture, natural history, food, consumer affairs and scientific matters.

Janet Dawson (born 1935) is an Australian artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1973 with a portrait of Michael Boddy. She studied at the Gallery School in Melbourne from 1952 to 1956. She was then awarded a Travelling Scholarship to London and went with another scholarship to Italy, later to Paris, returning to Australia in 1961. She exhibited at an exhibition of contemporary Australian painting in Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1966. She moved to Binalong in 1974. She received an Australia Council Visual Arts and Crafts Board grant in 1985


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