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The Seed Savers' Handbook - Michel and Jude Fanton new softcover book

Jude and Michel Fanton were inspired by Bill Mollison to start their life work in seed saving, founding the Seed Savers Network in 1986 to preserve the diversity of our cultural plants. At the time they lived on Tuntable Falls intentional community near Nimbin. Later, they took the Seed Savers Network down to the coast at Byron Bay, where it is presently located. The Network is now a national organisation with numerous international links. Many permaculture people have gone through its training, some working with the Network for a time as interns.

In 1993 Jude and Michel published the influential 'Seed Savers Handbook', which sold 23,000 copies in the first 10 years. It is now translated into several languages including Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Khmer and Bulgarian. In recent years, the Network has paid greater attention to the full food cycle from seed production to growing, processing and cooking - and the conviviality of eating.

In 2007 Jude and Michel launched into video production to document seed saving efforts around the world. At the same time, Seed Savers set out on a course towards decentralisation, with the foci to become the numerous local seed networks set up by enthusiastic Seed Savers Network members across the country. Seed Savers' has helped to establish Seed Networks in a number of other countries such as Cambodia, East Timor, Ecuador, India, Japan, Solomon Islands and The Philippines. Information: ww.seedsavers.net

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The Seed Savers' Handbook by Michel and Jude Fanton


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