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One Magic Square - Lolo Houbein Grow your own food on one square metre New gardening book

About the Author

Lolo Houbein came to Australia at the age of 24 with her husband and children after growing up against a backdrop of famine and war. Lolo's great-great-grandfather was a market gardener in North-West Frisia who passed on a food gardening gene down every generation. In Lolo's youth she saw her hometown in western Holland implode under the impact of war, until all animals, birds and rodents were eaten, all fish angled, all trees used for firewood and a long winter of famine ensued during which 24,000 people died of starvation in an area approximately one-sixteenth the size of Tasmania. Food security has been Lolo's life-long preoccupation and this book is an offering for survival to those who have never even grown a radish.

Lolo was educated at the universities of Adelaide and Papua New Guinea in the literatures of Australia, Britain, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Africa, classical studies, world religions and anthropology. She is well known as an author of fiction and on-fiction. Her novel Walk a Barefoot Road won the Bicentennial/ABC Fiction Award. Her book Outside the Magic Square is also available - click here for more information

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