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Nourishing Traditions - Sally Fallon New softcover book Revised 2nd edition

Sally Fallon is a journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, mother, homemaker, community activist and author. When the youngest of her four children became old enough to attend school full time, Ms. Fallon applied her writing skills and training in French and Mediterranean cuisine to the subject of nutrition and began work on a comprehensive cookbook which combines accurate information on nutrition with delicious, practical recipes. She teamed with Mary Enig, Ph.D., a world expert on the subject of lipids and human nutrition. Their best-selling Nourishing Traditions is now is its second edition and it has stimulated the public health and medical communities to take a new look at the importance of traditional foods and preparation techniques, and to re-examine the many myths about saturated fats and cholesterol. The book places special emphasis on the feeding of babies and children to ensure optimal development during their crucial growing years.

Ms. Fallon and Dr Enig co-authored a second book, Eat Fat Lose Fat which was published in 2005. It includes three diet plans - Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Health Recovery and Everyday Gourmet - along with many delicious coconut-based recipes from around the world. Ms Fallon wrote the foreword to Sandor Elliz Katz's Wild Fermentation - click here for more information.

Ms. Fallon received a Bachelors Degree in English with honors from Stanford University, and a Masters Degree in English with high honors from UCLA. She has served as president of her local citizens group and is actively involved in community landscaping projects. She speaks French and Spanish. Her interests include music, gardening, metaphysics . . . and of course cooking. She lives in Washington, DC where her 4 adult children enjoy coming home from time to time for a good meal.

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Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon


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