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The Native Plants of Adelaide - Phil Bagust & Lynda Tout-Smith new softcover book


Phil Bagust has a long association with Trees For Life (SA) as a plant grower, seed collector and bushland regenerator. An avid bushwalker and botanical photographer with an interest in grassy woodlands, Phil has postgraduate awards in Surveying and Urban Planning, a Master of Arts in Communications, and currently lectures at the University of South Australia

Lynda Tout-Smith's work with indigenous plants began in Melbourne in the early eighties with what is now the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Cooperative. A keen gardener and conservationist, Lynda has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Bachelor of Science (Honours ) in Botany. She currently works in biodiversity conservation with the Playford Council in Adelaide.

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The Native Plants of Adelaide by Phil Bagust and Lynda Tout-Smith

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