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More Chook Wisdom - Earth Garden New book Chickens, Bantams, Eggs, Poultry, Chooks

We keep a substantial choice of publications about the garden, perma-culture, self-sufficiency, Australian bush foods, therapeutic herbs, sustainability, environment and earth-friendly subjects. Healthy & water clever gardening, publications on how to nurture fruit, green vegetables, natural herbs, citrus, nuts, heirloom vegetables, kitchen gardens, conserving the harvest, fermenting produce, composting & mulching, animal husbandry, worms, apiculture, viticulture, seed saving, chemical-free treatment options, growing your personal medicines, eco friendly property advancements, gardening in compact spaces, moon sowing, companion planting, bush tucker & wild food field guides, and living plainly. Popular authors such as Bill Mollison, Jackie French, James Wong, Joel Salatin, Tim Marshall, Esther Deans, Allen Gilbert, Bruce Morphett, Clive Blazey, Meredith Kirton, Alan Buckingham, Tim Low. Books released by Earth Garden, Tagari, CSIRO, New Holland If you love gardening and seeding your own food, you've discovered the best place. Awesome selling prices and assortment make us your number 1 place in Australia for all topics gardening, self-sufficiency and permaculture.

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