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Made at Home Vegetables - Dick and James Strawbridge New book


Dick Strawbridge, a retired lieutenant colonel and former army engineer, has been growing vegetables, keeping livestock and practising 'eco-engineering' since childhood. IT was his desire to lead a greener life that led him to convert his farm into an ecologically friendly, but completely modern, place to live.

James Strawbridge, Dick's son, has inherited his father's enthusiasm for inventing and DIY, and his time spent working on environmental projects in Nepal and Fiji confirmed his interest in ecological projects. .

With contributions from ten Australian experts, who have harnessed their experience, wisdom and self-sufficiency skills to guide you into the pleasures and challenges of living a more sustainable life:

  • Laurie Cosgrove: environment and sustainability
  • Allen Gilbert: horticulture
  • Jennifer Wilkinson: growing fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Mike Owen: urban and rural DIY
  • Robert Pym: animal husbandry
  • Jane Frawley: natural remedies
  • Nick Haddow: Making cheese
  • Rowan Reid: agroforestry
  • Belinda Ross: making bread
  • Bruce White: keeping bees

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