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The Little Veggie Patch Co How to Cards - Fabian Capomolla & Mat Pember New box set

Growing up in an Italian family, for Fabian Capomollo, Sunday lunch would always consist of loud arguments, pasta and veggies from the garden, and would finish with an expresso and a selection of ripe fruit from the backyard orchard. Starting off in advertising before taking the leap to fulfil his dream of helping people grow food, Fabian and his wife and kids now have their own completely edible backyard in Melbourne.

All Mat Pember's childhood memories revolve around his Nonna and Nonno's backyard near Fremantle, WA. The veggie garden, the enormous garage, where the pork and fennel sausage would hang drying from the ceiling beams, and checking the chook shed for eggs, and then looking for what was ready for picking in the huge, rambling vegetable patch were cherished family traditions. Mat worked in landscaping before moving exclusively into edible gardening.

Fabian and Mat are now The Little Veggie Patch Co., a busy Melbourne-based business that specialises in helping people grow their own food.

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