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Grow Your Own Drugs - James Wong New hardcover book Natural remedies & beauty recipes

James Wong is an ethnobotanist, author and UK television presenter. He was born in London to a Malaysian father and British mother, and raised in Singapore and Malaysia. After finishing secondary school, James was awarded an academic scholarship and returned to the UK in 1999 to study at the University of Bath. He then trained at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, and the University of Kent, gaining a Master of Science degree in Ethnobotany, graduating with distinction. His research has taken him to highland Ecuador, as well as to China and Java. He lives in Twickenham, South West London.

Wong is a triple RHS medal winner for gardens he co-designed through the design studio he co-founded, Amphibian Designs, at the Chelsea Flower Show and the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. He has designed an Ethnobotanical Garden for the University of Kent, where he is a guest lecturer. Wong has written for a number of publications, from the BBC Gardening Website, to The Metro's environment column, on a wide range of botanical topics. Wong has been the Media Relations Officer of the charity Botanic Gardens Conservation International with his job described as "translating hard-core plant science into lively, engaging stories for the press, radio and TV".

Wong became the presenter of his own 6-part television series Grow Your Own Drugs in March 2009. The series demonstrated a number of natural remedies sourced from plants. The series was followed by a one-off Christmas special, Grow Your Own Christmas. In early 2010, a follow up to Grow Your Own Drugs was published - Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year with James Wong, which features 100 more natural remedies and recipes.


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