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Grow Herbs - Jekka McVicar New hardcover book Growing and Using herbs

Jessica "Jekka" McVicar is an English organic gardening expert, author and broadcaster, particularly on the cultivation and use of herbs. After working for a time at the drama department of the BBC, she began working at a herb nursery in Somerset. She married Mac McVicar, and in 1987 they established a herb farm - now known as Jekka's Herb Farm - at Alveston near Bristol. It now has the largest collection of herbs in the UK, with more than 600 different varieties. She has been awarded 62 Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medals for her organic herb displays, including 14 at the Chelsea Flower Show, and Best Floral Exhibit at Hampton Court. Jekka has published several successful gardening books, and her first major cookbook, Jekka's Herb Cookbook, was published 2010.

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