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Grow Outback Gardens - Mike Chuk & Jeff Poole New softcover book Ideas for waterwise gardening

Mike Chuk has a longtime interest in the plants of the Outback from more than thirty years working in agriculture, forestry, conservation and natural resources. He has gardened from Broken Hill to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs and for the past 20+ years at Longreach. Mike's half acre garden has been transformed from a sea of lawn to a forest of native trees and contains his two favourite trees - the hardy waddy tree from the Simpson desert and the yapunyah, the wonderful honey tree from south-west Queensland. Mike works for Desert Channels Queensland as regional planner and resident garden guru.

Jeff Poole originally hailed from New Zealand and grew up with the idea of food gardens as part of a way of life. It was commonplace to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and to share the excess with family and neighbours. He has lived in Australia for over 20 years, including time in the Outback. Jeff combines his love for gardens and photography in this book. As a project officer for Desert Channels Queensland, Jeff has successfully facilitated the delivery of the Growing Great Gardens workshops around the region, equipping local gardeners to manage the challenges of our climate.

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