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From the Ground Up - Jane Edmanson New hardcover Victorian gardening book Victoria

Jane Edmanson has always had a passionate interest in plants and how to grow them. She is from a farming background in Mildura, Victoria, where her father grew citrus and her mother had a fine garden. Over the years she has worked in nurseries where she has gained an all round general knowledge of gardeners and their needs. Jane has been a Victorian presenter for the ABC’s Gardening Australia for over 20 years. She writes for the Gardening Australia Magazine and other publications. She broadcasts on radio 3AW’s Big Backyard and for over 20 years on the radio has answered more lemon tree questions than you would care to count. She has given hundreds of talks to garden clubs, schools and motivational events.

With this background her role today is one of inspiring communities and individuals to raise the awareness of the benefits of gardening to all and sundry. As an ambassador she supports the Horticultural Therapy Association, Sustainable Gardening Australia, Victorian School’s Garden Awards and the Royal Horticultural Society Victoria. She received an Order of Australia for her services to Horticulture and Education. Her finger nails are often dirty, and at times her knees ache but she really enjoys getting out into her own garden to weed, plant a vegetable or two and to 'stop and smell the roses'.


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