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Bob Flowerdew's Complete Fruit Book New softcover book

Bob Flowerdew is a television and radio presenter, author and one of Britain's leading organic gardeners. He has nearly an acre of garden in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, England, where he lives with his wife and their twins. Bob is the son of a farmer, and his family has been working the land in East Anglia since before the time of the Tudors.

After graduating in financial management, he worked his way around Europe and North America, becoming fascinated by the different gardening and farming methods, returning to pick grapes with one French family for 12 successive years. Bob runs a consultancy landscape service, is President of the Norfolk group of the Soil Association, and also teaches at agricultural college. He has worked in television, presenting the Channel 4 series Muck and Magic, and has appeared on Sophie Grigson's Grow Your Own Greens, where he was the sweetcorn expert. He is the author of many gardening books.

Australian consulting editors for Bob Flowerdew's Complete Fruit Book include Janet Austin, Keran Barrett, Helen Moody, Jan Purser and Paul Urquhart.

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