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The Basics of Permaculture Design - Ross Mars new softcover book

Dr Ross Mars B.App.Sc. (Chem), Dip Ed., B.App.Sc. (Biol, Hons), PhD (Env Sc) is a well-known Western Australian educator, writer and course and workshop presenter. He completed a PhD in Environmental Science at Murdoch University in 2001. His research centred on the use of native wetland plants to strip nutrients from domestic greywater. The title of his thesis was "Using the submergent Triglochin huegelii for domestic greywater treatment".

Ross also has qualifications in Permaculture, having achieved the first Diploma in Permaculture issued in Western Australia. He has also been awarded his Diploma of Permaculture Design, in six categories, including Site Design, Education, Media and Communications, and Administration, from Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison and the Permaculture Institute.
He has taught a large number of permaculture-related courses and workshops, including several Advanced courses in both Permaculture Design and Teaching. In recent years Ross has focussed on developing permaculture gardens and education strategies within schools, and developing and installing greywater reuse systems in and around Perth.

Ross and his wife Jenny wrote Getting Started in Permaculture - click here for more information

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