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150 Indestructible Plants - Jodi Rigby New softcover gardening book

Jody Rigby knows how to do gardens. Having been involved in the construction of over 250 in her career so far, she has a keen eye for detail and knows how to swing a mattock. Her research experience for several media programmes and magazines is priceless and she has also developed relationships with a wealth of suppliers throughout the industry. From the consultation stage through to construction she provides a very personalised, passionate approach to helping you achieve the garden you've always wanted.

Jody has been involved in television for over ten years. Her first role as Horticulturist in Channel Nine's 'Backyard Blitz' lasted seven years, saw her and the team achieve seven Logies and build over 200 gardens. Her next project was for Channel Seven's 'The Outdoor Room' alongside her friend Jamie Durie where themed gardens were created, inspired by locations around the world. She was also head researcher for this programme. Most recently Jody has been one of three hosts on the Lifestyle Channel’s 'Garden Angels' alongside Melissa King and Linda Ross, bringing very accessible garden basics to the screen each week.

150 Indestructible Plants by Jodi Rigby


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